About Us

Myzho Couture/ Myzho Luxzhury was founded in 2002 (MIGO apparel), but resurfaced as Frezh Division in 2008 and has since strived to stand apart from standard premium labels and brands. Frezh Division attempts to maintain one of the truest forms of a “couture” clothing line. An elite, exclusive line that caters to those that appreciates impeccable uniqueness and fashion. The methods of production are unorthodox to typical labels from start to finish. Frezh Division is not only a clothing line- but a brand that reflects the mentality & lifestyle lived by many. “Urban America’s savior”.

The vision of Frezh Division is to remain a pioneer in the fashion marketplace and represent the elite individuals who wish to stand out.

Your garment is crafted to precision with you in total creative color control, the end result producing a Frezh Division work of art.

Pay attention to detail…



Myzho Couture was founded by Michael “Myzho” Goggans in 2001. In 2002 he started designing clothes using a combination of paints, dyes, bleaches, and other materials to bring his designs to life. With almost no advertisement- besides self- promotion, friends and family, Myzho was quickly adopted and in no time was in small boutiques and malls across metro Atlanta. Word of mouth, repeat clients and the mall exposure helped Myzho Luxzhury gain coverage outside of the southeast and sparked interest on the east and west coasts. Unfortunately after attending fashion shows and conventions, he saw where the fashion industry was changing. The trend he helped create was becoming a saturated fad. Myzho then fell back – looked past creating a “quick trend” or another “fad” and evolved into the new Myzho Couture… WE ARE NOT THE SAME